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For media interviews, please fill out the contact form below.

For school or district based workshops or professional development, please contact

For keynotes or facilitation/public speaking events for non-school based companies or organizations, please contact Henrik Kjerside Poulsen at (This does not include social media promotions. Please do not contact regarding collaborations on Instagram or Twitter.) 

For book or writing queries, please contact Emily Sylvan Kim at

For individualized coaching and personal consultations, please submit inquires by becoming a Patron. Please note this option is for individuals, not school teams. 

If requesting a speaking engagement or workshop, please include the following information:

  1. What are the preferred dates and times for this session?

  2. How many attendees? 

  3. Preferred session length? 

  4. What format? Do you prefer an interactive workshop (breakout rooms, discussions, etc.) or a webinar? 

  5. What is your budget? 

  6. Are there any additional time commitments? 

    1. Tech check? 

    2. Pre-session discussion?

    3. Post-session debrief? 

  7. Has your organization or community engaged in this work before? If so, what type of learning and for how long? What topics have been covered? 

  8. What are your objectives for this session? What does this work look like in the long term in your organization?

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