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"Human rights education should involve more than the provision of information and should constitute a comprehensive life-long process by which people at all levels in development and in all strata of society learn respect for the dignity of others and the means and methods of ensuring that respect in all societies."

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I believe that an inclusive, equitable public education is the first step towards a solution to narrowing the opportunity gap in our country. I believe that teaching our youth with a social justice focus and an  anti-bias lens is not only possible, but imperative towards dismantling systemic racism and institutional discrimination. 

About me

Elementary teacher. Social justice advocate. Anti-bias educator. Curriculum designer.

TED Speaker. Professional development facilitator. 

Curriculum and Units of Study

Samples of original lessons and student work from a variety of social justice units.

After attending a Teach & Transform workshop, it’s clear to me that Liz is the right person, at the right time, with the right message. We dealt with complex issues. I didn’t come away with all the answers, but now I have a better idea of the meaningful questions that I need to ask myself, and my students. This is staying with me and became a valuable tool to help me dig into painful things I haven’t thought about since I was a child. Self-reflection around one’s own experiences with social justice can be scary, particularly for a middle-aged white woman in a diverse thirty-something world. These workshops are designed to be simple and direct with clear objectives of authentic dialogue. Liz is so adept at creating a safe atmosphere that is perfectly conducive to listening, thinking deeply, and sharing openly. It felt comforting to be there and I wasn’t quite expecting that. Thank you! I appreciate the new way I listen now. I’m less afraid to say the ‘wrong’ thing and fine with being confused sometimes! I definitely look forward to more professional development with Teach & Transform. It’s helping me become myself.

Ginger Chulack


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