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For Educators and Parents

Liz is aware of the daily challenges that educators and leaders face and offers a realistic, solutions-based approach to tackling them. With more than fourteen years of experience working in the field, and as a school-based practitioner, her goal is to make antibias and antiracist education accessible, meaningful, and relevant through her company, Teach and Transform.


Liz is known for her ability to work with adults of different comfort levels and experience andis available for professional development and training customized to your organization or community's unique challenges..


Consulting and Professional Development

Liz can help guide your school through one-on-one consulting in a variety of areas including:

  • Performing equity audits 

  • Customized professional development tailored to your community’s  specific needs 

  • Developing antibias and antiracist curricula for schools

  • Addressing workplace culture including helping to facilitate difficult conversations


Training Workshops

Liz has collaborated extensively with colleagues across schools, grade levels, and districts and has developed and led parent and family education workshops on social and emotional learning (SEL), and the importance of discussing race with children. 


Adult Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to anti-bias and anti-racism in the classroom

  • Disrupting white supremacist culture

  • Developing student, educator, and caregiver identities 

  • Holding space for difficult conversations

  • Antibias and antiracist content integration 

  • Inquiry based teaching 

  • Asian American history and identity

  • Antisemitism & Supporting Jewish identity 

  • Adoptee narratives and supporting adopted students 

Student and Youth Workshop Topics

  • Developing and understanding identity 

  • Speaking up in the face of injustice 

  • Meaningful allyship

  • Asian American history and identity

  • Antisemitism & Supporting Jewish identity 

  • Adoptee narratives and supporting adopted students 

  • Reading and writing workshops based on Liz's picture books

Curriculum Development

Liz has been creating original lessons and units of study for over ten years, incorporating social justice  with an anti-bias lens. In keeping with her commitment to inquiry-based and socio-cultural learning, Liz believes that students should act as drivers of  their own education, and form understanding through observing and questioning the world around them. Below are samples of lessons and curriculum, as well as student reflections. 


For inquiries and quotes for school or individualized professional development and training, please contact

For one-on-one coaching and consultations, please submit inquiries through  Liz's Patreon page. 

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