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For Organizations


Liz has been a virtual keynote speaker for a wide range of companies including Nike, RGP, The Portland Trailblazers and Hinge and a featured keynote speaker at national conferences such as the People of Color Conference, San Diego County Office of Education's Equity Conference, the IntegratED conference and Women + Leadership Conference


Consulting and Professional Development

Liz can help guide your organization through one-on-one consulting in a variety of areas including:

  • performing equity audits 

  • customized professional development tailored to your organization’s specific needs 

  • developing antibias and antiracist training

  • addressing workplace culture including helping to facilitate difficult conversations

  • tackling specific forms of bias and bigotry such as antisemitism and anti-Asian racism


For inquiries and quotes for school or individualized professional development and training, please contact Liz or one of her representatives. 

For one-on-one coaching and consultations, please submit inquiries through  Liz's Patreon page. 

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